‘Lessandra .01’

I don't know... your smell, touches, excites.   Some short and free Potic works of mine: Download Excerpts from a book that I did write Download Forgotten by a Gemini Download How to slice a tomato    


” (From Forgotten By a Gemini)

  Commitment. To the bone I had it. I walked into hell with my head high, ice on my veins, I looked into the Devil’s eye and winked.   I did it all, the impossible, the unthinkable and more. I did it all for your smile. But oh, what is it all worth? What is…Read more ” (From Forgotten By a Gemini)

Skies of lies

Completed dreams in nebulae moons shining black as faded suns.   A cosmos falling down, felt gravity of it all, broken sights upon open ground.   A look above, miraged truths shown, speeches of believable lies steps given without disposition to try as no reasons are there to be, nor motives to ask why.