At time

At time, a love give a love to get, embraces of twisted lips wet.   (Sonali) Get this and my other books here.


Ghandira – Dealing with forever (book draft)

Leave me alone standing by my side, so I can crawl up your lap and cry.   Be my strength when I need to be weak, be my weakness when will is a need.   Fill me with your nails so I can bleed. tear my lungs apart so I can breathe... Destroy my heart…Read more Ghandira – Dealing with forever (book draft)

More than flesh – The Ruby Lioness (draft)

Not just lust. Undefined behaviours of trust. Not just love, ties too tight for so long. Distance, not a challenge. Connections powerful enough to put mountains moving as steps do along. By Júlio C. Carlos. Hey guys. My first poetry collection, Love of a Hibiscus is currently free, at the Poetry Works page, here on…Read more More than flesh – The Ruby Lioness (draft)