Helena – Dealing with forever (Draft)

Grey eyes are happy too, in a strange way along a dark place.   Grey eyes can be softer than blue warmer than brown...   Grey eyes, as souls dark enlighten softly bellow someone’s light.


Let me be again

These dreams, cursed nightmares embrace with your eyes sight. So far they lie...   Not even there I can get close. Not even there you've lost presence. Not even there I dare to dare.   You said you didn’t want to stay that I should go away… You said it yourself… so let me… go,…Read more Let me be again

Eternity in minutes

Everlasting lived. Minutes that didn’t end hours which didn't count. Between words, ideas, feelings that one can't explain.   Was I eluding myself in realities you’ve brought? Were they as real to your eyes as they were to mine? Defying memories answers hold.   Shy glares revived, forgotten times of childhood like a dream with…Read more Eternity in minutes

Helena- Delta (poem)

'' As you ask pleads of a gentle voice waving eyes so loved, hands that want to care for. To show myself, oh, so broken and torn; a throne of thorns moving gracelessly hurting nothing but its own. Trembling dependence, sure seen decadence screams of need, anxiousness for your soft presence.   By Júlio C.…Read more Helena- Delta (poem)