E. Silva- Dealing with forever (Draft)

I... once... thought, believed... I guess... that there were people, that were worth... now, all is... less.   I, once, gave... second chances, now... they are... value... less.   Don't! ... Cross. THE LINE! Fuck. And you did it... Just to see, how it'd be. Even knowing, that I... leave.


Wasting time

It could, yes, it could be better than this. Less confusing more inspiring than it is.   I tried to comprehend why you hide in uneasy smiles leaving your laughters aside.   Perchance I was just wasting time, trying to make you laugh when your laughter came with everyone's voice except mine, making it harder…Read more Wasting time

Slaves of opinion

Eyes carrying no life. Soulless. Mindless. A rule. Dispersing disease. Descending.   There is no colour here suffocating weight of grey. The search for the steady wanting it with plead, unknowingly continuing to breathe.   They’ll never start to be, for they don’t know the meaning of ‘to become’. No opinion, vain gazes wandering around.…Read more Slaves of opinion