A song you can not stop loving. “Evil – Interpol”

No matter who you are, if you have a taste for good music, or any form of art (or feelings), you can not hate this song. You can, not like it, but you can't hate it. (If you listen to it 3 times, you will get hooked for life. Guarantied). Evil, by Interpol, has one…Read more A song you can not stop loving. “Evil – Interpol”


Skies of lies

Completed dreams in nebulae moons shining black as faded suns.   A cosmos falling down, felt gravity of it all, broken sights upon open ground.   A look above, miraged truths shown, speeches of believable lies steps given without disposition to try as no reasons are there to be, nor motives to ask why.

Wasted Hearts

Wasted Hearts is a collection of confessional poems to a girl that the author loved to the core of every fiber of his bones. In this beautiful work he shows the feelings he felt, the thoughts, the way she made him see life. But the thing is, although the girl apparently loved him too, she…Read more Wasted Hearts

Pages on Facebook that are worthy to like

Sup guys, Júlio here, and I just want you to leave you with some awesome pages that I think that are 10000% worthy of your time and attention. The list is short so let's do it. First we start with Enchanting Minds. A page based upon quotes and self-development with amazing quotes every day and…Read more Pages on Facebook that are worthy to like