Let it be felt

Allow everything’s departure to where they belong. Neglect their once existence, chapters of a memory, deaden pasts unneedy of mourn.   Persist. In any direction but back. What withdrew is no longer there.   Be impervious to the world. It doesn't care, it doesn't know. Forsake, follow your self. Feel! and let it be felt.…Read more Let it be felt


Foolish love

    I wish I held a passage of a feeling, so after the passage of winds, nothing I’d have.   In love, as a kid that knows nothing about, with eyes that flinch and guts that pinch.   Foolish is the love that I give as a curse, to you, yours being myself terrified…Read more Foolish love

Let me be again

These dreams, cursed nightmares embrace with your eyes sight. So far they lie...   Not even there I can get close. Not even there you've lost presence. Not even there I dare to dare.   You said you didn’t want to stay that I should go away… You said it yourself… so let me… go,…Read more Let me be again