A song you can not stop loving. “Evil – Interpol”

No matter who you are, if you have a taste for good music, or any form of art (or feelings), you can not hate this song. You can, not like it, but you can't hate it. (If you listen to it 3 times, you will get hooked for life. Guarantied). Evil, by Interpol, has one…Read more A song you can not stop loving. “Evil – Interpol”


“Which side of the road?”

Being (feeling) lost, (to me), it seems to be a need.   This time.. as confused as hopeless, (found in it) as it is supposed to be. (Completely). Thank you for your presence. Consider supporting this blog through Patreon and get exclusive access to unique content and free booklets. If you love sweatshirts and low…Read more “Which side of the road?”

Poem .005 (Demons lullaby)

"Trust no-one. Ask not for attention. Ask not for love. Beg not for people to stay. Give yourself not. Love yourself."   Lessons of this lonely world.   Thank you for following this blog although I don't post in a while. I will start posting more often now, so stay tuned guys. For all of…Read more Poem .005 (Demons lullaby)

The sexiest book ever wrote, by me. -SINFUL- (with 40% discount)

An explicit collection of 140 devotional poems of love, lust and deep appreciation from the author, to his 'Little Goddess'. Read 30% of the book free and enjoy the heavy promotion of 45% for the first 100 books using the cupon-code: BH76W, valid until 15th June on Smashwords book page. Become an affiliate on this…Read more The sexiest book ever wrote, by me. -SINFUL- (with 40% discount)

‘Lessandra .01’

I don't know... your smell, touches, excites.   Some short and free Potic works of mine: Download Excerpts from a book that I did write Download Forgotten by a Gemini Download How to slice a tomato    

” (From Forgotten By a Gemini)

  Commitment. To the bone I had it. I walked into hell with my head high, ice on my veins, I looked into the Devil’s eye and winked.   I did it all, the impossible, the unthinkable and more. I did it all for your smile. But oh, what is it all worth? What is…Read more ” (From Forgotten By a Gemini)