” (From Forgotten By a Gemini)

  Commitment. To the bone I had it. I walked into hell with my head high, ice on my veins, I looked into the Devil’s eye and winked.   I did it all, the impossible, the unthinkable and more. I did it all for your smile. But oh, what is it all worth? What is…Read more ” (From Forgotten By a Gemini)


E. Silva- Dealing with forever (Draft)

I... once... thought, believed... I guess... that there were people, that were worth... now, all is... less.   I, once, gave... second chances, now... they are... value... less.   Don't! ... Cross. THE LINE! Fuck. And you did it... Just to see, how it'd be. Even knowing, that I... leave.

Wasted Hearts

Wasted Hearts is a collection of confessional poems to a girl that the author loved to the core of every fiber of his bones. In this beautiful work he shows the feelings he felt, the thoughts, the way she made him see life. But the thing is, although the girl apparently loved him too, she…Read more Wasted Hearts