The test of air

Nothing can I do while you hide from the world trying to find what you made missing, the bits and pieces of a person now forgotten. Matching your silences to say what is felt, enduring the load of emotions that invade my self, trying my best, to not make the same mistakes. ---------


The light of lies

Now I realise. It is not the pain that makes the poet, but the incapacity to deal with it.   Now I know, worse are not the fallen tears, but the ones we didn’t shed, that can’t be shed. Bitter are not the words, but the love that can’t be expressed.   Our sayings aren’t…Read more The light of lies

Calm down my own self

Calm down oh my own self, that stirs his mind for feeling too much, or you’ll lose all you have in madness with no end. Calm yourself oh my own self, that dares act in sincere ways in a world of lies, or you’ll waste the shortage of your days. Calm oh self that is…Read more Calm down my own self