Janice (draft)

I was afraid that I'd hurt you You put a hand on my shoulder and said: ''you won't'' ... So I didn't.  


Literatim Press and the why you should help it.

Hey guys! Thank you for following my personal poetry blog, Love Thought Poetry, and thank you for all the visits, all the likes, all the attention given this year. You guys are super duper. (LOL) Well, I want to inform you that me and my friends started a project called Literatim Press, a poetry related…Read more Literatim Press and the why you should help it.

Let it be felt

Allow everything’s departure to where they belong. Neglect their once existence, chapters of a memory, deaden pasts unneedy of mourn.   Persist. In any direction but back. What withdrew is no longer there.   Be impervious to the world. It doesn't care, it doesn't know. Forsake, follow your self. Feel! and let it be felt.…Read more Let it be felt

Skies of lies

Completed dreams in nebulae moons shining black as faded suns.   A cosmos falling down, felt gravity of it all, broken sights upon open ground.   A look above, miraged truths shown, speeches of believable lies steps given without disposition to try as no reasons are there to be, nor motives to ask why.