Poem .005 (Demons lullaby)

"Trust no-one. Ask not for attention. Ask not for love. Beg not for people to stay. Give yourself not. Love yourself."   Lessons of this lonely world.   Thank you for following this blog although I don't post in a while. I will start posting more often now, so stay tuned guys. For all of…Read more Poem .005 (Demons lullaby)


Slaves of opinion

Eyes carrying no life. Soulless. Mindless. A rule. Dispersing disease. Descending.   There is no colour here suffocating weight of grey. The search for the steady wanting it with plead, unknowingly continuing to breathe.   They’ll never start to be, for they don’t know the meaning of ‘to become’. No opinion, vain gazes wandering around.…Read more Slaves of opinion

Eternity in minutes

Everlasting lived. Minutes that didn’t end hours which didn't count. Between words, ideas, feelings that one can't explain.   Was I eluding myself in realities you’ve brought? Were they as real to your eyes as they were to mine? Defying memories answers hold.   Shy glares revived, forgotten times of childhood like a dream with…Read more Eternity in minutes