Why you should stop everything you are doing and listen to Caravan Palace.

Sick of mainstream music, Nicky Minaj et trois, and those loud shitty artists that have nothing but a big ego? Want to hear some great music with soul that will leave you hooked for life? Do you like electro? Steampunk? Jazz?  How about Swing? Well, if you answered yes to the four of them (or…Read more Why you should stop everything you are doing and listen to Caravan Palace.


Kalopsia. What a song!!!

Ok guys, I've been giving you a lot of QOTSA content, because you seem to love it. So here goes another one, and be ready for song details, reviews of the best songs of several weird and worth the time bands and artists. I, will, in the future make more of these, so.... here it…Read more Kalopsia. What a song!!!

Another reason to love Queens Of The Stone

Guys, I have been listening to my favorite band, Queens of the stone age, of course, and I asked myself: "J, why do you love this band so much?", and the answers flooded out: "Because Josh Homme has an amazing voice, because they have deep trippy lyrics that make sense most of the time, they…Read more Another reason to love Queens Of The Stone

“.????” A poem.

No matter what we do, or don't, we will hurt. -   Random daily writes.   Thank you for your presence on the blog. Consider supporting my works by becoming a Patron. Booklets and exclusive poetry will be available just to you. Prepare yourself for the 4th Industrial Revolution, learn how to become financial independent…Read more “.????” A poem.

Our own way

Steps taken without will towards our own way, for everything seemed lost as mouths lacked words to goodbyes express.   We abandoned the cherished and admired, asking for the grace of wishes for cowardness.   Mightlessly we dragged following unsure ways looking for someone to give us rest.   Check out my latest, (and HOTTEST)…Read more Our own way