Dealing with forever – Elimadey

Don't get mistaken by her softeness.   She's not a soft breeze,   she's a distant hurricane.        


”untitled” (project- self)

My heart is dust my soul's a remnant of a piece after a scattering blast, my mind is split between carelessness, wrath, madness and apathy... I don't know what's worth I don't know how's to have. To trust. By Júlio C. Carlos. Find my books at:

The ruby lioness section (Delta)

Words show wishes as a mind neglects dreams, thoughts mind vanities that a soul doesn't care. Does one need to feel for it to be real? Better is to drown in illusions of feelings that are to steal. So many times I felt emotions that now I conceal. By Júlio C. Carlos  


Brain tricking me, savoring images of you. I know they won't be true, and I wish not, as so does my soul calling you in it's silence. My brain illuding me, with your imagery, of angry words to hide smiles, as I become shy, once again... wishing it could happen one more time. By Júlio…Read more Relapse

Eternity in minutes

Everlasting lived. Minutes that didn’t end hours which didn't count. Between words, ideas, feelings that one can't explain.   Was I eluding myself in realities you’ve brought? Were they as real to your eyes as they were to mine? Defying memories answers hold.   Shy glares revived, forgotten times of childhood like a dream with…Read more Eternity in minutes