Capa Wasted hearts.

Wasted Hearts is a collection of confessional poems to a girl that the author loved to the core of every fiber of his bones. In this beautiful work he shows the feelings he felt, the thoughts, the way she made him see life. But the thing is, although the girl apparently loved him too, she started to let him go when chance stroke him with an unavoidable voyage to a far place, leaving him heartbroken. You can feel the devastation of such choice of hers and his despair in the writings. But he tried and tried, but the girl just.. went away…
Here, he puts down and shows the process of dealing with his depression and the steps taken to recovery, his anger and numbness, his weakness, the fight against the temptations and against himself and his thoughts, he even talks about how he went insane and came back if sorts to speak, but all for a promise he made to her that he kept in name of his love for her , given that she was the girl that loved, understood and genuinely cared about him for the first time in his life. Get it HERE. XD

Love in times of madness


A showcase of overwhelming emotions of passion, love, heartbreak, destiny and care in the form of verses written to the hearts and souls of women that seeded and nourished these feelings.
An incredible work that reserves to the reader unique experiences and much to digest. Get it HERE. XD










Queen of fallen men. So he called her after times of divine seduction and hellish temptation. She wanted his body, mind, soul, not contempt until she had his last breath, or left him completely insane. As she did. Intense from start to finish. Get your copy HERE. XD