Hello fellow bloggers, I’m Júlio C. Carlos, a writer like most of you.

I know that writing is hard, and even more to make some money out of it, but as here’s a serious opportunity for some (yes, not all) of you.

Here’s the deal. As you can notice, I published a book, my masterpiece, Love of a Hibiscus, and I’m looking for someone, (a blog, or a person) to ”create awareness” and generate sales for my book. The catch? You will be paid for every single book it’s sold under your belt.

How will it work? Simple. I give you the book, you read it, give your honest (and detailed) review on the Amazon page of the book, give me your Payoneer email and… you are ready.

Just that? Yes. And no. Because nothing is that simple. You will have to have a minimum followers number, (or the right attitude and resources) to be accepted. You will have to be good at using social media, (a real problem these days hugh?) and sites like Goodreads.

But that’s easy, right? Yes. If you are selected as ”the one”, (as the lights from heaven shine upon your screen and keyboard), you will have a 3 weeks period (+2 weeks if you are really good), to generate 80-100 sales. If you can do this, well, you are the chosen one (for a given period of time, of course). The first serious contract will be for ~500 sales for around 7 weeks, and the others will follow that rate.

Well, that’s pretty much it. If you don’t have a payoneer acount, well, create it here.

Send response emails to poetrycampblog@gmail.com with your personal useful information, (write what you think is appropriated and relevant), the link to your blog or page with followers, (your main working page).

Spread the word if you know a fellow blogger needing some cash.


Already  available in print and e-book  here


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