Editing your poetry

Beloved poets of all genders and ages, I want to give you a quick lesson on how to improve your writing. So let’s get started.

1- Be quick.

Noticed how you got excited about reading this post? Exactly. I said it’d be quick. (And it will). Try using the visual concept of ‘achievement’ on the reader by making short stanzas, and give him that visible paragraph break so he can get that dopamine. It gets boring reading an unending stanza/poem.

2- Cut to the chase.

We all love to read, but a poem is a short story, and short stories aren’t ‘usually’ long. Try to get as much content and meaning possible in few words. Keep the essential of the story.

3- Try to deviate from the personal.

Personal poems can be (and are) really powerful. Writing one or two, or even thousands of them separately is totally cool, but if you’re making a poem set (compilation), and unless you actually categorize your work as personal, it is advisable to make some of them impersonal-personal by appealing to the vagueness of subject, (avoiding personal pronouns).

4-Use ‘cutting tool’ words.

‘Like’, ‘-ing’, ‘-ness’, ‘-less’, ‘to’, ‘for’, and thousand words that you can associate to others and cut multiple words are always useful to make sense and keep the attention of the reader.

5- Triple-check your stanza after you finish editing it, and double check your whole poem.

Reasons needless of explanation.


Well, that is it for today, and I hope I was helpful to you guys. I’ll start publishing poems soon, so stay sharp and follow me. Comment bellow, or if you want a more personal interaction, please send a text on Twitter (@JCC_writer) and I’ll give you my contacts.


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