I want you to see who I was
and admire what I’ve become,
because you made me
and the worse is yet to come.

I could have chosen other ways,
all of them now pointless paths
without reasons to exist.

Remember what I’ve said,
now that only silences are left
in this soul that screamed your forgotten name,
for words have become too scarce to waste.

See my face
and remember the shine that it had
when you were the same.
Search in these empty eyes
the feelings that filled my veins.
Open me and take everything that is yours
all of it that has your name
and your essence written as a tattoo,
keep everything that is left in your trembling hands
that surely will weight with this emptiness of mine towards you.

Who I was to you,
who you were to me
because I’ve forgotten it all,
what one day you will see.

Poetry collections available at lulu.com/spotlight/julioccarlos, and on the sie bar of the page. Follow us for more.

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