It’s ok to be sad,

when only nothing is left.

It’s ok to feel bad,

for something now gone.


To be down

when pain lies on its wake

for only remnants are ours to take.


It’s ok.

It’s fine,

to speak words of silence,

that our screamy minds won’t ear,

when abandoned

by those who said that cared,

who pretended to be there.


Our words to them in vain indeed,

but our souls are strong

although our bodies weak,

marked floors with steps of leave

painted grass with fallen tears,

a path found

leading us away from what is no longer here.



Another poem from the amazing book Rehearsals & Tentatives #1 – Wise words from a fool. Get your free copy of this ebook at amazon, kindle and lulu now and enjoy a worthy short reading if you love poetry as much as we do. Follow our blog for more and hit like, honestly, to get a chance to win a random free ebook. The more active on the blog, the more chances you have to win. Keep your eyes peeled if you are a poet and a novelist because we are going to put tips for writers along the week, give you sources of tips of more experienced writers and free stuff to complement your skills.

Thank you for visiting us and for following our blog. Júlio C. Carlos, out.



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