bringer of darkness,b210ac36064f3428496c295e454690b3
past times lived
deep in madness.

defined by full hollows
inside my heart.
My soul at a time,
a desert with no sand
making me a sane man
with no mind.

I’ve been fed pain,
dragged in spit!
I’ve risen
above all
and conquered skies
after the fall.

– Júlio C. Carlos


‘As the poet needs the pain’ they say. It’s really hard to feel sorrow and express it in a poem and it takes a lot of effort and determination to do it. It’s really hard to be a poet, especially in the most ‘inspired moments’. Most poets can suffer from depression and anxiety and poetry is the only way they find to deal with it, the world doesn’t seem to understand, we as poets sometimes do not as well, but we keep writing in order to try being understood by those we share our work with. It’s hard to be a poet, so enjoy every poem deeply and appreciate every tentative of poetry made, because poems aren’t just words, they are tellings of the soul.

Follow us for more and be sharp this week, for I’m giving you one of the last works of The Hibiscus saga as a preview that is Times after it all. And shortly after that, the last book and chapter of this saga The consequences of loving an Hibiscus. For those who are new to the blog, please check the previews of the other 10 chapters, here, and the download page for all of them and more here.

Keep your eyes peeled, and see you around.


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