Deep quotes by Queens of the stone age

Ok guys. We all love quotes, or at least from time to time. They teach us life lessons and explain us things that we lived through, and therefore today I will give you the set of deepest quotes that one can hear in his life. Yes, hear, because they are lyrics from songs, and not just songs but masterpieces of rock music, stoner rock a music. The ones and only Queens of the stone age!!!!!! (*roooarrr* *the crowd goes crazy*)79ac71ccababf93384dc5fcb851ce267

In their latest and most successful work, entitled ‘…Like clockwork’ made in2013, they gained not only the approval and eternal love of the fans and more fans but the award for best rock album of the freaking year. And with reasons, because 10 out 10 traks are amazing, deep and heartbreaking. GOD! I still hear that album everyday. Is THAT good. And bellow is why.

I give you, le quotes:


– ‘Can one so lost be found?’

– ‘Fallen leaves realize they are no friend of autumn.’

– ‘Do you know who you really are
Are you sure it’s really you?’

– ‘Lies are a funny thing
They slip through your fingertips
Because they never happened to you’

3c9c54c2162debd868976e54140ff1cb– ‘Time wounds all the heals
As we fade out of view’

– ‘Ain’t no confusion here
It is as I’ve feared
The illusion that you feel is real’

– ‘To be vulnerable is needed most of all
If you intend to truly fall apart

– ‘I’m machine
I’m obsolete
In the land of the free

– ‘It’s how you look
Not how you feel
The city of glass
With no heart…’

6bcd50b4782221294c420bf2ef98f491.jpg– ‘When you own the world
You’re always home
Get your hands dirty
Roll up them sleeves
Brainwashed or true believers
Buy flash cars
Diamond rings
Expensive holes to bury things

I’m machine
I’m obsolete
In the land of the free

– ‘Heal them, with fire from above’

– ‘I don’t know what time it was
I don’t wear a watch’

– ‘So good to be an ant who crawls
Atop a spinning rock’

– ‘Forget those mindless baboons
They’re off playing god’

– ‘I love you more
Than I can control’

– ‘Fates favour the ones
Who help themselves
The rest feel the sting of the lash
As they row…
The boat to hell’

– ‘Fear is the hand that pulls your strings
A useless toy, pitiful plaything’

8c74ab9856ac4a02a8964e088b0a3bf0– ‘If reason is priceless there’s no reason to pay for it’

– ‘God only knows so mind your behavior
Follow prescriptions of your lord and savior
(Every temple needs gold)
Every hook needs to shine
Headaches at the temple
Of the closed mind’

– ‘The spitting image of me
Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out’


– ‘Where are you hiding, my love?
Cast off like a stone
Feelings, raw and exposed
When I’m out of control

Pieces were stolen from me
Or dare I say, given away
Watching the water give in
As I go down the drain
I appear missing now’

– ‘It’s only falling in love
Because you hit the ground’

– ‘I never loved anything until I loved you’


– ‘i havent a thing unless i have you

dont cry

i never loved anything till i loved you


im over the edge what can i do


ive fallen through.’


– ‘Most of what you see my dear is purely for show
Because not everything that goes around comes back around you know
Holding on too long is just fear of letting go
Because not everything that goes around comes back around ‘

– ‘One thing that is clear it’s all down hill from here

Love in your hand cleverly disguised
All the promises of stone crumble in the light339cafe46d0a37b23bd42eb004661748

Most of what you see my dear
Is worth letting go’

AND THERE YOU GO! Sorry guys, but after doing this, I just came. Mind blowing. Those lyrics are too deep. The sound is just too good. Fuck it.

Well guys, I hope you liked it and will listen to the songs, because they are genial, brilliant, amazing and freaking deep. Have a good day and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @JCC_writer and check the older posts from more good stuff like this. If you have a doubt and or suggestion send it to my twitter or email at



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