A man (#poem)

03174c6d0ed4a04a3b23a7094453f272A man.

Broken, that smiles

even after every tear

that shouldn’t have been shed,

times that shouldn’t have been wasted.


Those words, so cruel.

The cowardliness…

the coldness of one

While he laid there,

trying to find a place to belong.


A man.

That has been through hell,

a place no different from heaven

nor that far,

that lived in the middle of both, 

to discover how weak we all are.



Hey guys! Here’s a poem for you, from the awesome book Rehearsals & Tentatives #1 – Wise words from a fool. I know that some of you already downloaded it and read it, but I promised you on twitter that I would post a poem per day from now on and I want to keep that promise to you. If you hadn’t yet, follow me on twitter @JCC_writer, and stay tuned because I post most of my thoughts and quotes there.

This book is available at amazon, lulu, kindle and everywhere else and the best of it is that is free of charge, yes it’s a neutron. Thank you for all the likes and for following this blog that brings you poetry, love, thoughts and a lot of madness.

I’m Júlio C. Carlos wishing you a very good day and success, see ya and keep your eyes peeled.


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