0a215cb07c51e0f3e6969eae067298a7Readers and writers, sorry for being out so long, but I’m back to give you two awesome books that promise the shit out of themselves, the first: Lights and shadows: the guardians of ascension, by Makiesse Dia Balala- – and the second, Bronze, By FangirlLegend - – and let me tell you, guys, these two girls have talent that promise. Support her work and hit like, follow them, and follow me on tweeter (JCC_writer )to stay tuned with everything that  happens in this crazy world of writing, thinking and loving.

If you have your work that you want to showcase, you know that I’m here to help crazy talented people like you to get the readers they deserve. Thank you so much for following this blog and being so patient with me, I love all of you guys and expect nothing more than success in your lives, or just less bullshit happening.

Stay tunned, and keep your eyes peeled.


2 thoughts on “MORE AWESOME BOOKS!

    • Well, both of them are still drafts of the future book. But I posted them because I as a writer, think that they have a promising future as authors. Mind that those are their first works. They need work, but for starters, they have talent as writers. Give them time and support and they will evolve into the writers that you expect them to be. Thanks for the feedback and for following the blog.


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