Why do you write?

Hey fellow blogger, I’m Karl C. Prince and I’m going to be your host today.

If you have a blog it can only mean that you love to write as much as I do, or even more. You  might have a blog about love or politics and social issues, books and ideas, scientific or personal  subjects, but one thing is true, you love what you do. But this isn’t about what you do, but why you do it.

For example, I started  writing by mistake, if so to say. ‘How can someone start writing by mistake?’ you ask. Well my friend, I just started to write something and realized it felt great and helped me cool down liberating stress in huge amounts, so I never stopped since then. I write continuously since 10 years back, almost everyday. And I write about everything and anything, my quotes, ideas, poems and short stories of every sort. My hands are my second and third heart. Enough about me, I want to know why did you  start writing and what are your plans for the near future in this career full of letters and commas. Leave a comment with your inspiring story and I’ll be delighted to dicuss about it.




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