New book release!

The blog Love Thought Poetry is uttermost proud to announce the release of the book Poems of Sanity, as promised two days back. The 11th poetry book released this year by Júlio C. Carlos, and one of the last of his first poetry collection ‘Hibiscus’ with 13 well-made works,  promises simple but unforgettable poems that will definitely move your heart, mind and soul.

Although a minor work, Poems Of sanity is definitely a book to read and will be none less  powerful than other of the previous works. ‘The Consequences of Loving a Hibiscus’  and ‘Times after it all’ will complete the Hibiscus poetry series and close the saga in style.

If you are as excited as I was to read it first hand, get your free Preview here

And if you loved the preview as much as I did, here’s the link for the full book, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

-Karl C. Prince



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