It’s easy

it's easy.


Hey guys, Karl C. Prince here and very nice to have you wandering around our blog. As our last post of today, I will leave you with more poetry, and this time is with this lovely, sad and very touching poem by the creator of Love Thought Poetry. This poem comes from the second book of the Hibiscus saga, if we can call it so. Saga.

To tell you about a little of this great book, Rehearsals and Tentatives #2- The essence of nothing at all, (my bad there on the picture) I will start by giving you a fair warning. Read this book only if you are in harmony with your emotions, because it has the power to make weak hearts cry.

It is a minor work from the author and the sequel of Rehearsals  and Tentatives #1- Wise words from a fool. Which you can download it freely anywhere, from amazon, Lulu and other websites and even from this blog by clicking here.  Believe me, your head will go round and your thoughts will stop on its tracks several times during the process of reading. Check it out.

This book in question, the final part of Wise words from a fool, catchy tittle by the way, I like it, it’s about sadness and gives a huge amount of focus on the sense of loss and rediscovery of self, such as themes that don’t lack in poetry such as love and pain. If you have the guts to handle it, and you need an extra help to rediscover yourself and start from scratch, these two are the right books for you. It gave me a whole new perspective of the world and my life. No jokes on this. It truly opened my mind, and that’s why I presented an offer to be a part of his works. I get free books, and he get’s the content. Great guy.

So, read it, and comment down below, and maybe you will get a chance to win one of his books. Follow our blog to stay tuned for more.

Karl C. Prince wishing a very good night and day.









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