‘We still dream’


We still dream

with the death of memories left behind,

the will of once again dream

touchable, secure,

with something still to feel.


We still dream with distant pasts,

moments of innocence


carried without reasons

unneedy of sense,

where we smiled for something

and we smiled for nothing else.


We all want to dream

without feeling pain,

to dreams the dreams

that we wanted to dream today,

without feeling the regret

of not being ourselves.


Hey guys, I’m Júlio C. Carlos and I just want to thank you for following my blog and for all the likes I’ve been recieving from you guys, it really means a lot to me. This poem is for a future book, (Poems of Sanity) that will be available on Lulu really soon (Two days tops), and I will be giving you guys the free super extended preview for it, and all of my books. If you are new, please go to the other posts to get your free previews of already available books on http://www.lulu/spotlight/juioccarlos.com and enjoy awesome poems for free. You can comment and leave your opinnion about me, the poem or the blog itself. Feel free and see you around the blog.


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