My experience on dubstep

All of usafrican-forum-on-music-480x480 have a deep connection to music. We can surely not live without it. From a tune that we absolutely adore to just a set of beats, we enjoy to hear it. Music give us so many emotions, memories and ways to think. It is just not a mean of communication, it is a form of education itself, and has a huge impact on our sets of morals and personality. Music defines us.

I’m myself a rockaholic since I was 13 years old. I sure enjoy other forms of music from time to time such as pop, classical, house, jazz, blues, soul and rap, but it’s like a 90% rock and 10% of the rest of styles of music.

As I’m human, and Aquarius, I tend to get bored from the music I love and from time to time try to find something new, and this time was dubstep.

As any rocker, or true rocker, not just a metalhead or a power metal junkie or even a grunger, one tend to become a little harsh upon classifying other music styles in the basic criteria such as rhythm, melody and specially lyrics. For me, Or you have a worthy to listen lyric or you don’t sing. Even if you have the most hardcore and perfect instrumental, if your lyrics are empty I will not listen to your songs.

Yesterday, I went to Youtube and searched for doubstep. I have previous experiences of the style of music and liked it, but put it aside for a while. 10 minutes of videos, and I was truly addicted. Those bass drops and the whole thing, the harmony and the sound effects… Eargasmic. Just awesome. But 30 minutes later, I got bored. Ô.Õ

Yes, I got bore of dubstep in 30 minutes.

Why? I think is just me. The music is pretty good, I even think that it’s the classical music of our generation. But, the thing about it is that it gives one too much of pump, and as you listen to it, you tend to expect more and more, and if you don’t receive it, you get bored. And that’s also similar in life itself. If one depends on high graded emotions, of any kind, by any source, he tends to want more and more adrenaline, and if he doesn’t get that pump again, he’ll get bored. For those that don’t have  control over themselves, or even instable, that boredom leads to thirst, and that to despair until he finds a reliable source of pump and then forms an addiction over that.

I think I’m just too stable.

Leave your opinion and let me know what kind of person are you in terms of music. If you want more cool posts about everything, you know where to find them. See you around the blog.


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