My Experience on Love

My experience on love. Interesting topic to discuss with you guys, firstly because it’s for me one of the uttermost personal and if not the most sacred topic after sex. You can consider yourself very luck to be reading this.

I will tell you, in short, what I’ve learnt in life about love, and for that let’s start with the definition of love itself. What? You thought that love couldn’t be defined? Well, I once did too, but now I’m here.

Love- the state where one cares for the other, such as himself, without the act of patronizing or depending upon the other to care for himself or the person loved.

In short, love means caring without imprisoning the person loved, and do not need her to feel good about oneself.

It took me 18 years to figure this out.

But wait, that means that I only loved once? Of course not. As you will notice in my posts and my books, I’m a die-hard lover, and rebel. I can die for the person I love, I can do anything and everything for that person, and, I will not lie, sometimes one gets carried away and kind of ‘catch the feels’ in an extent that it gets out of hand. The curse of being an Aquarius. We do not like ‘feelings’, but once we get them, ohhh crap. We tend to hold of great by ourselves, and we like it that way, because we are free.

You got the definition of love, or just the standard definition of true love. It is a complex feeling, a unique mixture from person to person, and so, never the same, but, if the basic aspects of love aren’t there, believe me, that’s not love at all. To help you out, let me show you some aspects important and crucial for one to love: sense of companionship, selflessness, sense of self-value, trust, ohhh, many fail in this one in the days of now, crazy bitches and fucked up niggas everywhere and snapchat isn’t helping a bit. Sense of space for both of the parts, and my god in heavens, the hardest of them all, unconditional truth. I will shit you not, my friends, even born in a sign that tells the truth without fear, and a person that doesn’t care about what others think, or what they say, the truth is the hardest thing to tell, but the most rewarding of all. Believe me, it’s worth the panic. Loyalty in all cases. Good luck on this one guys, even for me is hard (I must say that I do not cheat, for I think that only the weak do that, but I admit, that shit’s hard, later tell you why).

Ok, so we are done with the essential of the essentials. Now time for the warnings and commercials. Popcorn!

This post of Love Thought Poetry is brought to you by… me! Tan tan tan taaaannnn. ^v^.

Garnet serious now. And yes I do love Steven Universe.

Every love is unique, and none of them toothless, believe me. It will hurt you, it WILL BUILD you TO BREAK you, it will torture you, put you depressed, paranoid, it might literally kill you, but it will be always worth it, because if it will either be lesson, or a gift. And believe me when I tell you this: learn the fucking lessons! If you don’t, Karma will do you the favour to repeat it until you’ve learned your lesson.

Well, I will definitely tell you way more about my love experiences in detail, but, if you want to feel them in first hand, you might want to check my poetry books. I would advise you to buy the following: ‘Remnants of a Yadav’ and ‘Hidden Desires & Infernal Temptations’. The extended previews will be at the poetry category with their respective titles.

You can and will find the books available at www.lulu/spotlight/

See you around the blog!





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