And so this too shall pass


Yes. In our lives, we face upon difficulties of many sorts, everyday is another struggle, and that’s what make us alive, but sometimes and by sometimes I mean most of the times, most of us become paralyzed, depressed or even lost when a huge deal of a problem comes towards us. Who can blame you?

Fortunately, I know how it feels, and believe me, I’ve been there more times than not and what I’ve learn from it is that one has to have patience. An example of this, in my life was when I went to India for studies on a scholarship. I knew that the scholarship company didn’t make the wisest choice, nor my parents, and even when I tried to convince them…. you know how it ends up.

So, I went to India, and guess what, I was 13000% right and I wanted to leave the place 2 weeks later. But as I was on a study mission, and I had company, I decided to undure that untill I finished the studies, assuming that I would study of course. In the meanwhile, I was in Delhi, and although the place wasn’t exactly ‘up to my standards’, I minded that I came to the country to study.

6 months later, I was transfered to Bangalore. No, not the good part of the city, or better saying, not to the city, and ended up in the Hell’s forsaken hole of the place. Now imagine, if the capital of the country, which should be the most beautiful place was not above my standards, how did I classified that place? You’re not even close.

So, I stayed in that place for almost a year, in a college that destroys one’s sanity and teaches you nothing in the end because the system of Indian Education doesn’t give a damn about creativity or personal ideas and understanding, and crushes you with shit loads of useless content that one will never use for the sake of ‘rules’. You got the idea.

Of course, I did what was only logical to do. I asked, demanded, insisted and even reached to beg to the scholarship company to get me the hell out of that place and send me home. After almost 7 months of waiting, an expired visa, debts, hunger and the situation that indians were killing africans because of a car acident involving a sudenese and an indian girl or something like that, which put my life at risk, the police looking for me, and the college neglecting any responsability upon me, indians, and the scholarship agency, with the support of my parents neglecting the whole situation, I had to find a way to get back home, that was in another continent, by myself with an expired visa, broke and starved. I am not making this up.

I did it. How?

Well, luck hit my door. The Indian government wanted me out their country, and so did I. And with the forced help of that miserable college, Acharya, after 1 year and 3 months, I finally got out of that country. I’ve never felt so free in my life. Literally, India felt like a prison to me. I will never go there, unless if I need to shop books. But I’ll think 456 times before I say yes to that chance.

I always told myself: this will end soon. This will end soon. It won’t last forever. And although it felt like forever to end, it didn’t last forever.

I don’t know what is happening to you, I don’t know the size of your scars or traumas, but believe me when I say that ‘So this too shall pass.’



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